San Diego, California USA
Wrestler Profile

Wrestler Profile

Don't be fooled by my size!!! My long legs can easily wrap around you like a Python and they love to wrap around a man and squeeze him helpless. My biceps are still under construction and growing but when it's around your neck. about 23", not around your neck about 13. Waistline 25" of hard rippling woman muscle that can take your squeeze. Hips-37" all man crushing muscle(I love a double leg grapevine).

The difference between me and every other women you've ever wrestled is, I LIKE to wrestle more than you do. When I get on top of a man, I am in control and I absolutely LOVE to control a man with my muscles and skill. I can out-wrestle most men and the few that I can't keep coming back because they tell me they can't find anyone better then me. The reality is that if they are man enough to keep coming back, I WILL eventually BEAT them. I train everyday by lifting weights, running and grappling in styles that will surprise you. Once I get my thighs around you and have you begging to breathe, I'll explain what I'm going to do next as I slowly turn my legs to braided steel. You will be under my control and you will be frightened and I will be enjoying my dominance, as a woman should. Don't you agree? I'm new at this session stuff but I have been wrestling men since I was 12 years old and now, at age 24, I find out that there are men who like this sort of thing too. Muummm, how nice, you pick the style, pins or submission (I really like submission best ) you pick the intensity, (full out hard wrestling or easy does it )the style doesn't matter to me, you'll lose either way and learn to... like it.

One more thing. I WRESTLE... that's it! NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY of any kind. I'll warn you ONCE and then I bend some body part and send you home to Momma... crying. You must learn respect one way or another, don't you agree?

Session Interests

  • Wrestling (Semi-Competitive)
  • Wrestling (Submission)
  • Wrestling (Pin)
  • Wrestling (Competative)
  • Lift and Carry

Martial Arts Styles

  • Wrestling
  • Other
  • Height: 5'8" (172.72 cm)
  • Weight: 135 lbs (61.2 kg)
  • Physique: Athletic

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