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Ensure that your session request gets the attention it deserves

By becoming a verified member you open the doors to communicating with your favorite Session Wrestlers. For a one time fee of $5, you show that you are a legitimate fan of private session wrestling.

Why do I charge a Verification Fee?

One of the biggest complaints I've heard from session wrestlers is how they will receive hundreds of emails a week from their session wrestling websites and that of those, maybe a handful are legitimate challengers looking to book a session. The time it takes her to weed through those worthless messages hurts everyone involved.

Adding this one-time fee is my attempt to curb this potential issue. By requiring a member to verify their account, it helps ensure that the messages and session requests the amazing women on this site receive are from legitimate fans. This also means that it benefits the challengers as well since their messages and requests won't be lost among hundreds of worthless spam messages.

And obviously, the $5 also helps support this site. So, like I said, everybody benefits! Hooray for providing useful services for a fair price!

Can I Communicate Without being Verified?

Currently, by default, all messages and session requests can only be sent if you are a verified member. Currently, wrestlers CAN adjust their privacy settings to allow non-verified members to contact them, but I simply do not recommend this.

How do I become Verified?

There are a few ways to become verified at this point.

  1. Verify Account
    • The most obvious method. Simply pay the one-time verification fee and you'll be a Verified Member for life.
  2. Upgrade to Premium Membership
    • Upgrading to a premium member will automatically grant you a Verified Account. Even if/when the premium membership runs out, you will remain verified. Coming Soon
  3. Become a Session Wrestler
    • This option is only available to our female members, but if you are approved as a Session Wrestler on Session Match your account will also automatically be verified.

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