Features & Services

Session Match offers a number of services for wrestlers and challengers alike. In addition many more already in the works.

Manage Profile

Manage your profile automatically with an easy-to-use interface. Whether it's your bio and personal message to challengers or your personal statistics like weight, muscle size and lift statistics; you can change them instantly and with ease using an online interface.

Session Interests

Wrestlers: Show and update what interests or services you are willing to offer in your sessions. This will make it easy for members to find exactly what they are looking for with our advanced search feature (coming soon).


Upload, remove and order your photos automatically on the website. Photos are almost ALWAYS guaranteed to get more requests than a profile without them.


Manage your locations, whether permanent or temporary! Visiting Vegas for a week? No problem, just add the location and the date to your profile and members will be able to find you and see where you'll be and when.


A premium member only feature, add links to your profile. Link to your website, your twitter and/or your amazon wishlist!

(more coming soon).

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